La mia analisi della telefonata di Michael Peterson al 911 a “My Favourite Murder”

Il 21 dicembre 2017, il tema del 100esimo episodio del programma radiofonico americano “My Favourite Murder” è stato l’omicidio di Kathleen Hunt Atwater, la conduttrice, Georgia Hardstark, ha parlato di MALKE CRIME NOTES, della mia analisi criminologica del caso e di quella della telefonata al 911 fatta da Michael Peterson, il marito assassino.

On December 21, 2017, the topic of the podcast “My Favourite Murder” was the murder of Kathleen Hunt Atwater, Georgia Hardstark spoke about this blog MALKE CRIME NOTES and summarised my analysis of the case:

Michael Peterson’s 911 call

The murder of Kathleen Hunt Atwater Peterson at the ‘hands’ of Michael Peterson

Michael Iver Peterson: a pathological liar and a murderer

MY FAVOURITE MURDER: 100 – The 100th Episode – Resources
+The remixed theme song for this episode was done by The Echoist. Here’s his Instagram.
+Here’s a picture of the Fudgie the Whale cake Karen and Georgia ate during the show.


Karen and Georgia covered the mysterious death of Kathleen Peterson.
+Here’s the Wikipedia article for Kathleen Peterson.
+You can watch The Staircase documentary here. (There’s also some episodes on YouTube here.)
+Karen watched the American Justice episode called Blood on the Staircase. I can’t find it anywhere online.
+Georgia watched the Forensic Files episode called A Novel Idea. Watch it on YouTube here.
+Here’s the link to Malke Crime Notes which analyzes Michael Peterson’s 911 call that Georgia mentioned.

Everyone on the Facebook page have been sharing lots of additional resources that weren’t talked about in the episode so I thought I’d share some of those here.
+Riley shared that the Criminal’s first podcast episode covered this case. Listen here.
+Clayton shared that there’s an interview with the male escort Michael Peterson was trying to hire on The Taran Show. Listen here.
+Steve shared that BBC has done an in-depth podcast on the case called “Beyond Resonable Doubt?” Listen here.
+Several people mentioned the mockumentary Trial and Error which is based on this case. Watch on NBC here. (Crossing my fingers that the second season will come out soon.)

Resources unrelated to the case:
+Kaitlyn shared an amazing site that you can stream lots of crime documentaries.
+Emily shared a link to a list of best crime books of 2017.