Meghan Markle wrote the letter to an “Unintended Recipient”, the international audience, not to her father

Here some excerpts from a letter Meghan Markle sent to her father in August:

“not simply because you have manufactured such unnecessary and unwarranted pain, but by making the choice to not tell the truth is something unnecessary to say. Thomas Markle knows exactly what is true and what is not true. This is just a way to address the claims.

Note these two excerpts “You’ve said I never helped you financially and you’ve never asked me for help which is also untrue” and “you send me an email last October that said: If I’ve depended too much on you for financial help then I’m sorry but please if you could help me more not a bargaining chip for my loyalty”.

Thomas Markle knows exactly what his daughter Meghan did or did not and what he wrote to her last October. She is not speaking to him. 

“We all rallied around to support and protect you from day 1″ is unexpected. Thomas Markle knows exactly what they did. This is just a way to signal her “virtue” to the international audience.

“Harry (…) who was nothing but patient, kind, and understanding with you”.

Harry is an incomplete social introduction that shows her “linguistic disposition” towards her husband in the specific context of this sentence. 

The word “with”, when found between people, creates distance.

There is not reason for Meghan to say to her father something he already knows. She is not speaking to him. This is just a way to address the claims. 

Note the excerpt “Please stop lying“. “Please stop speaking to the press” was expected, the word “lying” is unexpected. Meghan shows a clear need to address the claims.

Note that the word “with” in “my relationship with my husband” is distancing language. It shows her “linguistic disposition” towards her husband in the specific context of this sentence. 

Note that the word “with” in “I pleaded with you” is distancing language.

“your other daughter, who I barely know” is something unnecessary to say to Thomas Markle who is Samantha’s and Meghan’s father. This is a way to distance herself from her sister Samantha to belittle whatever she said or she is going to say about her.

Writing “the lies they were writing about me” and “her vicious lies” she addresses the claims again.


Due to the “unnecessary information” and the “repetition” found in these excerpts, we can conclude that Meghan Markle wrote this letter knowing that it would end up on the press, this is the reason why she wrote to an “intended recipient”, her father, while scripting her language towards the international audience that she targeted as the formally, “unintended recipient”. The initial description of the condition of her “heart” as “heavy” and “broken” serves to connect herself to the recipient.

Meghan found a way to bypass the strict rules of the royal family to address her sister’s and father’s claims.